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Company profile


Ouhua Holding Group is engaged in trading business as well as logistics and industries. Founded in 2010, the Group has a paid-in capital of 128.420 million yuan, total assets of more than 1 billion yuan and over ten subsidiaries such as Zhejiang Ouhua Chemicals Import & Export Co., Ltd., Taizhou Ouhua Medical Logistics Co., Ltd., and Taizhou Haimen Commercial Refrigeration Storage Co., Ltd.

The Group is located in Taizhou, an emerging industrial city on the southeast coast of Zhejiang, on the bank of Jiaojiang River, adjacent to Huangyan Civil Airport in the south and Wenzhou-Ningbo Highway and Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway in the west. The convenient transportation conditions lay a good foundation for the all-around strategic development of the Group.

Zhejiang Ouhua Chemicals Import and Export Co., Ltd., the core company of the Group, has been engaged in the import and export trading of chemicals for more than ten years, with trade networks covering all over the world. It has also established long-term trade partnerships with Dow Chemical and DUPONT from the United States, British BP, Hanwha, Hisun Pharmaceutical, Qilu Chemicals and many other domestic and foreign enterprises. The foreign trade business has been expanded into diversified forms from import, export, to import and export agency, and our product lines also cover a variety of fields, such as pharmacy, pesticides, dyes, rubber, plastics and monomers. It has justly become a leading company of chemicals trading in East China.

Our logistics company, which has grown up together with the trade business, is also developing rapidly. Ouhua Medical Logistics Co., Ltd. owns all kinds of large-scaled storage tanks and warehouses, with a total storage capacity of over 20,000 cubic meters. It possesses not only the only chemical terminals in Taizhou, but also a professional transport team. Ouhua Logistics is building itself into a specialized chemical logistics company step by step.

In recent years, the Group has sped up its efforts on investment in industries. A number of industries have been established, with a total investment of several hundred million yuan, which are extensively involved in many different industries including aquatic products processing, plastic products, LED high-tech electronics industry, pharmacy and dyes monomers, and so on.