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1.Employment Philosophy:

Make Exception for Promoting People with Both Virtues and Competencies; Offer Training before Using Those with Virtues but without Competency.

Restrictedly Use People with Competencies but without Virtue; Never Use People with neither Competency nor Virtue.

As early as in the Han Dynasty, Sima Guang brilliantly summed up a principle on the correlation of virtue and competencies: people with both virtues and competencies should be highly valued; people with virtues but without competency should be used restrictedly; people with neither competency nor virtue should never been used. Although the time is flying, the "contemporary times" today still follows the sage's philosophy of employing people. It is safe to say that the "contemporary" success is inseparable from the "contemporary" employment of people.

2.The talent development:

Human resources are the first Chinese company Ou resources. Ou China development strategy has always been based on the needs, committed to the construction and development of human resources, establish and improve the staff management system and employment system, training for the staff to create a good environment for growth, but also conducive to outstanding talent.

3.Incentive pay:

To meet the needs of corporate competition for talent, jobs and skills to evaluate the company based on the establishment of performance-oriented distribution system, improve to attract, motivate staff salary distribution system, so that employees be fully reflected the value. The company offers generous benefits for employees, their welfare system covers all aspects of basic social security.

4.Staff training:

Through the establishment and improvement of training system, increase the training inputs, training content rich, targeted professional organizations in various types of training, talent development for the company to provide support.